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Lifecall’s Medical Alert For Seniors – Proven Value

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MEDICALALERT202Medical alert for seniors has proven to be a solid and valuable resource in the market for those who want to maintain an independent lifestyle. While getting older has its own individual set of challenges it can be disheartening to see our loved ones succumb to vulnerabilities. More often times these vulnerabilities are situations that can be turned around and utilized to empower the individual of interest. Consider that help could be the way to your loved one if they are using a Lifecall Medical Alert for Seniors device.

Everyone has a different set of needs in order to live a lifestyle that is most gratifying to their greatest desires. When one reaches an age where they feel compromised by certain physical ailments it is vital to align them would resources that can keep them on track. Many loved ones and close friends have found great relief and utilizing the support of the professionals that provide assistance services.

Supporting independent living with a Lifecall Medical Alert for Seniors device

When it comes down to being able to live a carefree lifestyle one must rise to the occasion and identify products and services that support the process. Having a device that allows you to access help should one find themselves faced with unfavorable circumstances is immeasurable. A Lifecall Medical Alert for Seniors device has allowed a great number of individuals to maintain their independence and take control of their health care needs.

Should one find themselves in need of support utilizing a system that permits immediate access to public servants that can cater to the need? Some consumers report having a better living situation by merely knowing they have employed the right instruments. Having a positive mindset is one of the key elements to maintaining a healthy emotional and physical state.

It is always empowering to be able to meet your loved ones where they are with services that allow them to manage to the best of their ability. What was once a worrisome chapter for a great number of individuals has become resolved with the Lifecall Medical Alert for Seniors system. Everyone understands how important it is to develop a systematic approach for any urgent matter that may arise.

Lifecall’s Medical Alert for Seniors Enpowers

Lifecall’s Medical Alert for Seniors is a great way to empower the most important people in our lives. While getting older effects everyone differently one of the most common needs is being able to be self-sufficient. Creating an empowering scenario starts by taking the time to explore the most reliable resources for managing healthy living.

Medical Alert Systems

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MEDICALALERT201Disabled individuals are at a greater risk for harm than most. To that end, many of them often need constant supervision to ensure their safety. Nevertheless, this can be frustrating for both the patient and the caregiver. The first is required to give up a great deal of their independence, while the latter is required to spend much of their personal time caring for another.

The simple installation of our Medical Alert Systems can instantly provide a great deal of freedom to an older adult in and around their home. These small units connect directly to a phone line, and allow for communication with emergency services whenever necessary. Caregivers can now leave their patients without having to worry what could happen to them when alone.

At Lifecall, we believe that medical alarm systems should be easy to use and require very little maintenance. Our Two Way Voice Unit, for example, requires only the press of one button to communicate with our 24-hour emergency response center. Equipped with the portable transmitter, owners of these units can feel safe no matter where they are located within their home.

Our units are “smart machines.” If they are ever unplugged from the outlet, the emergency response center is notified. If there is a power outage, the internal battery will ensure it remains functional for many hours. If it has a malfunction, the lights on the device will begin blinking. As a family owned business, we understand the importance of keeping loved ones safe. That is why both our products and our service have been designed for maximum efficiency and ease of use.

Choosing the Medical Alert System that’s Right for You!

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LIFECALL104According to recent health department surveys, falls are the number one cause of injury-related trips to emergency departments across the United States. Reasons and circumstances leading up to falls vary greatly, and the risk of a serious fall rises as you get older.  Each year approximately 9,500 deaths of America’s seniors are attributed to falls.  There is help!  Medical Alarm Services can greatly increase the response time for emergency responders to arrive at the scene. These Medical Alert for seniors services can help bring peace and reassurance to seniors that want to continue to enjoy an independent life.

There is a vast array of medical alert system devices on the market today, which leads to confusion and frustration when trying to choose which is right for you. There are a few key points you should consider as you are browsing through the home medical alert market that will help you make the right choice.

Home medical alert systems are basically an alarm monitor which is installed to instantly call for help in the event of an emergency. The Medical Alarm systems can be wireless pendant or transmitter equipped with a button that is activated when disaster strikes. As soon as the alarm is pressed or a fall automatically detected, a message is immediately sent to a monitoring station where emergency staff called upon and sent to your location. Different alarms are made for different people and circumstances, so pay attention to the below factors to aid you in your medical alert device decisions:

  • Size and Weight: Seniors choosing to wear their medical alert system usually have them around their neck as a pendant or around their wrist. The size and weight can play an important role, such as when alert systems are too heavy and cumbersome for the senior who then in turn simply doesn’t wear it or removes it during meals and when sleeping to avoid further discomfort.  This problem can be easily solved by taking a person’s size, weight and strength into consideration when choosing a device.
  • Reliability: There are many medical alert system companies however some are more reputable than others. While investigating the different emergency alert vendors, check online to verify if this particular company has a lot of complaints or bad reviews. While investigating various alert vendors such as Lifecall, check to verify the company has a good reputation utilizing internet review boards or business bureaus. Make sure the device you are considering has not had any recalls recently.
  • Company History: Medical alert systems should be comprised with a high quality standard set. What you are ultimately searching for is a well made product from a company with a lot of experience in the industry. Be confident that the company is knowledgeable and experienced in their specialty.
  • Fool Proof: Medical Alert Systems should be comfortable for everyday living and should be relatively fool proof to use.  Everyday activities such like showering and getting dressed should not interfere with the alert device’s effectiveness. Operating the medical alert alarm system should be simple to comprehend and explain.
  • Medical Alarm System Options: List your specific needs that you want to get out of your Home Medical Alert system.  For example, would an auto alert option be valuable to include? Auto Alert functions are able to detect when the senior falls down and automatically calls for help even if the senior is unable to trigger the alarm.

Medical Alert Manhattan: Extending Your Independence

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Life Alert ManhattanThere’s nothing quite as satisfying in your “golden years” as being able to stay in your own home as long as possible. Unfortunately, no matter how independent you might be, there are times when you simply must call for help — and, when it’s an emergency and you’re living alone, it might not be as easy to get to the phone as it might’ve been just a few years ago.

This is where medical alarm systems such as the Medical Alert System come into play, extending the years in which you can safely inhabit your own home — even if you’re not able to reach the phone in an emergency, the LifeCall line of products are designed to get you the help you need, when you need it.

Our most popular system by far is the standard Life Call system, powered by the medical alert bracelet Manhattan residents have known and trusted for more than 35 years. The alert button is worn like a wrist watch, and has a large “help” button on its face — an exceptionally simple yet powerful one-button system with an integrated “cancel” button back on the main console unit. The wrist bracelet is exceptionally light weight, and has a range in open air of as much as 1,000 feet or more — allowing you to summon help from anywhere in your house or even in your back yard.

What’s more, there’s no need to set the bracelet aside during a bath or shower — a time when many are quite vulnerable to slips and falls — because the LifeCall bracelet is completely waterproof. It also carries a 100% lifetime warrantee, offering peace of mind for your investment as well.

For more information about LifeCall systems and services, please contact us today!

5 Remote Monitoring Services for Caregivers

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Senior care at home can be challenging, especially when adult children do not live nearby. Knowing how to care for an aging parent from a remote location reduces the stress for both you and your loved one. These five types of remote monitoring services can ensure the safety and well-being of an aging parent when you cannot be there yourself.

Medical Alert System Remote Monitoring Services

A medical alert system makes getting help as easy as pressing a button. There are two types of medical alert systems used in home care for seniors: monitored and unmonitored. Both consist of a device worn around the neck or wrist, or pinned to clothing. The individual presses a button that places a call to a predetermined telephone number. In monitored systems, the call goes to a live operator who can then talk with the subscriber. In an unmonitored system, the call plays a pre-recorded message to the recipient.

Choose  LifeCall for Around The Clock Peace of Mind
The simplicity and completeness of LifeCall‘s emergency monitoring program means you will receive experienced, professional help from certified Emergency Medical Technicians when you need it. The heart of this Bosch system is the LifeCall console itself, which is designed for tabletop use and is ideal for bedside placement.

LifeCall has more than 35 years of experience in life safety and security systems. It is one of the leading providers of BOSCH in-home health care monitoring solutions for seniors and at-risk persons seeking to retain their independence and remain in their own homes.


The U.S. Postal Service keeps a watchful eye on customers registered in the Carrier Alert program. Since its introduction in 1982, Carrier Alert has helped thousands of citizens get help and, in some cases, can even saves lives.

In this program, letter carriers notify supervisors when mail accumulates in the mailbox of a Carrier Alert participant. Supervisors then attempt to contact the individual by telephone, through the registering agency, or through police intervention.

FREE Daily Check-in Phone Calls

There is no substitute for the sound of the human voice, especially for someone struggling with the social isolation associated with being homebound. CareSolver recommends Always in Touch, a free program that telephones clients on a regular basis.

Medical ID Bracelet

A medical ID bracelet speaks volumes for those who unable to communicate for themselves. If someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia wanders from home, caregivers can call a 24-hour response line to activate a community support network to locate the individual. Anyone discovering the individual may call the number on the bracelet to reunite him with his family. Medical ID jewelry is personalized with his pertinent information, such as allergies and medical conditions.

Check-In Point Person

Enlist the help of others in your elderly parent care. Ask someone to be the official check-in point person, or the “go-to guy” when things go wrong. The check-in point person should live in your loved one’s neighborhood so he can provide immediate assistance in case of emergency.

Contact LifeCall Medical Alert Systems, one of the leading providers of BOSCH in-home health care monitoring solutions for seniors and at-risk persons seeking to retain their independence and remain in their own homes.

How to remember like an elephant!

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No Senior Moments Here

I don’t know about you, but it takes me longer to remember things than it used to!

Is there a way to improve recall?

It’s normal for your memory to slow down a bit as you age. There are neural pathways that connect the part of your brain where memories are stored (the hippocampus) with the part where you’re consciously thinking (the prefrontal cortex). As you age, those pathways naturally get a little bumpier and harder to travel, meaning it can take a little longer to call up a specific fact or name.

Your Mind Thinks in Pictures

Evolution has created a human brain that is amazingly effective in dealing with sensory data. Among the human senses, sight is the most sophisticated and developed of all.  Hence, our brains have become extremely effective in storing and processing images.

Images are your mind’s vocabulary, the building blocks of its language.

The Memory Palace Technique

The same strategies that Cicero used to memorize his speeches, medieval scholars used to memorize entire books. These memory pioneers figured out that the brain is more likely to retain visual or spatial information, so if you want to remember something your best strategy is to transform it into something else so colorful, exciting and different that you can’t possibly forget it.

Connect hard-to-remember facts with some familiar space
One trick, known as the  “memory palace,” is to conjure up a familiar space in the mind’s eye, and then populate it with images of whatever it is you want to remember.

Memory palaces don’t necessarily have to be buildings. They can be routes through a town or station stops along a railway. They can be real or imaginary, as long as there’s some semblance of order that links one place to the next (front steps, door, foyer, etc.), and are intimately familiar.

For the technique to work, the most important thing is to have the place or route 100% imprinted on your mind.

How To Memorize Your Grocery List

Think of a very familiar place, such as your home. Associate each sight you see with an item you want to remember (oranges on the window-sill, milk on the top shelf in the fridge, bread next to the toaster).  This memory palace technique works because you can connect new things to old, well-worn paths in your brain, taking advantage of old memories to create stronger new ones.

What I like about the Memory Palace is that it’s not only extremely effective, but also quite fun to learn and use. Years ago my father had another fun technique for remembering people’s names. Identify their faces with an animal. Unless you call someone a skunk … I guess this could work  because he told me about it 🙂

LifeCall Medical Alert Systems

Contact LifeCall Medical Alert Systems, one of the leading providers of BOSCH in-home health care monitoring solutions for seniors and at-risk persons seeking to retain their independence and remain in their own homes.






Tips for Adult Children Caring For Aging Parents

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Caring for an aging parent can be a daily juggle.  It is estimated that up to 7 million people in the United States help care for an older relative long distance. If you are the designated caregiver in your family and you live more than an hour away from the relative who needs help, Consumers Union suggests these ways of preparing for the next crisis.

Maintain a care notebook
Keep a file of your parents’ medical records, including test results, current medication, allergies, insurance coverage and Social Security numbers, along with their physicians’ contact information. Collect e-mail addresses and phone numbers for neighbors and close friends, as well as the phone number for the nearest hospital.

Develop a relationship with your parents’ doctors
If possible, schedule your parents’ appointments while you’re visiting. To avoid future frustration, ask your parents to sign privacy releases giving your doctors authorization to speak with you by phone regarding their care.

Find a local senior or geriatric care manager
These professionals are usually trained in gerontology, social work, nursing or psychology, and can identify problems and help provide solutions that you might not be aware of. They can also screen, place and monitor in-home help, and arrange for short- or long-term assistance for long-distance caregivers.

Set up an Medical Alert System
If your parent lives alone, talk with him or her about an electronic alert system for emergencies such as LifeCall. These systems, typically lightweight devices worn around the neck or wrist, require only a push of a button to generate an automatic call to summon emergency help. You might also want to arrange a daily check-in call or e-mail message.

Don’t go it alone
If you have siblings, try to split doctors’ visits, financial costs and other responsibilities with them as much as possible. Make a list of family members, friends and neighbors who are willing to help with transportation and home visits. Check into senior day care or recreational programs available through local governments or nonprofit groups. Also investigate the availability of meal-delivery programs and transportation services.

Additional resources


Contact LifeCall Medical Alert System, one of the leading providers of BOSCH in-home health care monitoring solutions for seniors and at-risk persons seeking to retain their independence and remain in their own homes.

You’re Never Alone With LifeCall

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Thanks to advances in wireless technology and state-of-the-art interactive (2-way) home medical alert system emergency monitoring,  thousands of older Americans have put their trust in LifeCall and now enjoy a renewed independence that just wasn’t possible for previous generations. And no matter where they live or how often they can visit, loved ones find certainty knowing that help, if ever needed, is just the push of a button away.

You’re Never Alone
The cornerstone of LifeCall’s Personal Emergency System is our UL APPROVED two-way interactive emergency monitoring coupled with equipment that is designed for reliability, function and ease of use. In the event of a medical emergency, our operator makes a direct connection to our client. It’s reassuring for us to know that our clients are safe, but even more important – for you to know that you’re never alone.

Order Now

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Our Medical Alert System Pricing is Simple:

[list type=”disc”]

  • Nothing To Buy – We provide the medical alert equipment for FREE
  • NO Long Term Contracts – Cancel at any time
  • NO Activation or Set Up Fees – No hidden fees of any kind
  • As low as $27.45 a month – Guaranteed to never go up
[/list] [go_pricing id=”demo-blue_11″ margin_bottom=”50px”]

You can also purchase additional items if needed:



Medical Alert Emergency Access Lockbox

4_lockLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna aliquam erat volutpat. Ut wisi enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exerci tation …

Home Medical Alert System Speaker Extension


[list type=”disc”]

  • List item with a much longer description or more content.
  • Extended Range – 1,000 foot range for buttons to signal the base unit
  • 3 Year Battery Life on Buttons – never need to be recharged, we replace them when low
  • Microphone and speaker more sensitive and responsive than other systems
  • Easy to use controls
  • Hospital-grade materials and construction
  • Waterproof buttons – OK to wear in the shower or bath, even for a swim
  • With well over 100,000,000 units in place, the BOSCH CarePhone 10 is a proven medical alert system that’s easy to use, reliable, and very powerful
[/list] $10/Month


The Home Medical Alert Call Button

9_device_watchThe waterproof emergency Medical Alert Call Button may be worn on your wrist, as a clip-on, or around your neck as a traditional pendant. It’s your choice how to wear your Medical Alert Call Button. The large call button itself is easily pressed during an emergency, ensuring that you get help quickly.
The Medical Alert Call Button can communicate with the Medical Alert Base Station up to 1,000 feet away – that’s the length of three football fields!
Some of the key features of our Home medical alert button include:

[list type=”disc”]

  • It’s waterproof (up to three meters deep!)
  • 1,000 foot extended range to the base station – that’s three football fields long
  • It comes three styles of your choice – pendant, wrist, clip-on
  • 3 year battery life – It never needs charging
  • Comfortable to wear and attractive
  • Button is easily pushed with arthritic hands
  • Break-away clasp to prevent choking, so you can wear the unit even when you are sleeping.
  • BOSCH Quality Workmanship – buttons have even survived the washer! (Not recommended)

The Home Medical Alert Base Station


The Home Medical Alert Base Station is so sophisticated that we can communicate with you throughout your home. There’s never a need to struggle for a phone. The Home Medical Alarm Base Station has a powerful speaker allowing you to hear us from most, if not all, parts of your home. The incredibly sensitive microphone allows us to hear you without yelling or shouting. If you are unable to speak or we can’t hear you for any reason, the Medical Care Alert Emergency Monitoring Center immediately dispatches emergency personnel and contacts the emergency contacts on your list.
In the event of a power failure the Home Medical Alert Base Station has a built-in battery allowing it to continue to operate up to 72 hours. The battery automatically charges when the medical alarm is powered. Our monitoring center is notified if your power is lost.
All equipment is hospital-grade quality, manufactured by BOSCH – a global leader in healthcare and communications technology.

Features of the BOSCH CarePhone 10 Medical Alert System include:


[list type=”disc”]

  • Options to use as a table-top or wall-mounted system
  • Easy “plug-n-play” installation. Just plug into the phone jack, plug in in the power, and it’s ready to turn on.
  • Five day battery backup
  • Large, Red “Emergency” button on the console
  • Compact size – just 8.07 inches by 9.25 inches and 1.6 inches deep.
  • “Auto-test” confirms the console is working properly
  • “Clear” Button stops emergency reports sent accidentally
  • Range of up to 1,000 feet from transmitter (medical alert button) to the base. That’s three football fields!
  • Hospital grade quality by German medical device manufacturer BOSCH.

Payment Options

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express.

We also accept debit cards and direct withdrawals from your checking account.