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Frequently Asked Questions

What payment plans do you have?

LifeCall has three payment plans: month-to-month, quarterly (every three months) and annually (year-to-year). Our systems are easy to connect and activate, and our service is even easier to start — and to stop!

Which plan do you recommend?

Every family is different and each user has their own individual needs. LifeCall customers who seek the best value generally select the annual pricing plan. Most LifeCall customers, however, have opted to choose the plan that offers the best balance of economy and flexibility – the quarterly plan.

Is there a trial period?

Yes. We are pleased to provide a 15-day trial period from the date our system arrives at your home to the date that you notify us that you wish to cancel the service. After notifying us of your desire to cancel, please return the system to us within 7 days and a full refund will be issued.

Can I switch payment plans?

Yes. If you are a current LifeCall subscriber, give us a call – tell us which plan you currently have and which plan you’d like to move to and we’ll cheerfully help you make the switch.

What if I need to cancel service?

Not a problem. Simply give us a call or send us an email to let us know you’re canceling. We will give you the address to then package and ship the equipment back to our corporate headquarters (We recommend getting a tracking number when shipping the package back to us.) Once we receive the equipment back in working order with all components, your account will be canceled, service discontinued and no further charges will be billed to your credit card. Refunds for prepaid but unused months of service past the 90-day commitment period are calculated from the date we receive the equipment.

Is there a penalty if I cancel?

You can cancel any time after the initial 90-day commitment with no penalty at all.

Do you offer refunds?

Absolutely. A full refund will be issued if service is cancelled within the 15-day trial period and the equipment returned within 7 days thereafter. In addition, should you no longer need or desire the service at any time after the trial period, upon cancellation or termination of service we will fully refund any paid but unused months of service past the initial 90-day commitment – no questions, no hassles, no fees.