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LifeCall Medical Alert Systems

We offer SIX LifeCall Medical Alert Systems to meet the varying needs of our clients. Each traditional landline-based system includes a base monitoring unit with a personal medical alert button. Every LifeCall system includes 24/7 access to our U.S.-based emergency Response Center.




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LifeCall In-Home System

One of the simplest medical alert systems in the industry to activate and operate, the LifeCall In-Home System is ideal for seniors or at-risk individuals who spend most of their time at home.

LifeCall MobileAlert Watch™ 

For active clients who desire one-button access to emergency help wherever you go, LifeCall is pleased to offer the MobileAlert Watch™.  The MobileAlert Watch™ is stylish and provides the maximum protection in an emergency no matter where you are, whether inside, outside, or away from your home.

LifeCall In-Home FallAlert™ System

For persons who have a history, a fear, or are at risk of falling, LifeCall Medical Alert Systems with FallAlertTM can be an ideal solution – especially if one’s medical history includes a stroke, heart attack, dizziness/lightheadedness or issues with coordination.

LifeCall Mobile FallAlert™ System

Using cutting edge technology, the Mobile FallAlertTM System is an extensively provisioned mobile device that delivers emergency monitoring virtually anywhere and is designed for instant hands-free communication, automated fall detection, location services and two-way voice communication.

LifeCall In-Home Cellular System

For clients without a landline, we offer a cellular medical alert systems option that has all the great features of our other personal emergency response systems. This system provides the same superior 24/7 service with the added capabilities of using 4G technology so you can be protected during an emergency without having a traditional phone line.  We offer an Advanced option that includes a FallAlert™ System.

LifeCall’s MobileAlert ProTM integrates home safety monitoring and mobile GPS location tracking in an all-in-one system. This advanced SmartCare system provides the ultimate protection & peace of mind for seniors at home, in the yard, or on the go – anywhere in the continental United States!

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