LifeCall MobileAlert Pro™ System

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LifeCall’s MobileAlert ProTM integrates home safety monitoring and mobile GPS location tracking in an all-in-one system. This advanced SmartCare system provides the ultimate protection & peace of mind for seniors at home, in the yard, or on the go – anywhere in the continental United States!

Our enhanced base unit audio speakerphone offers crisp & clear handsfree 2-way communication with 10-level volume control to extend sound coverage in the home. This allow operators at the emergency Response Center to hear & be heard more clearly. For use only in the U.S. Powered by AT&T.


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The MobileAlert Pro™ also comes standard with a mobile device to provide protection for seniors out-of-doors. The lightweight and portable device has raised guidance buttons for easy access to open two-way voice communications. Leveraging industry certified A-GPS technology, you are provided GPS location positioning which expedites the assistance deployment process during an emergency.

As unintentional falls are the leading cause of injury among the elderly, our MobileAlert Pro™ is equipped to integrate with FallAlert™ as an option. This three-in-one combination provides the most effective solution to comprehensively reduce safety risks to older adults who are still active. Whether you are at home, out-of-doors, or on the go, when it comes to being safe, there is no room for error.

MobileAlert Pro Base

  • Backup battery life of 30 hours4
  • Built-in 3-watt speaker and microphone
  • 10-level volume control with up & down buttons
  • Charger for Mobile Device

Mobile Device

  • Works at home and away from home
  • 4G cellular connectivity with on-board GPS location service5
  • 36-hour battery life4
  • 3-watt full duplex speakerphone
  • Small, lightweight & comfortable: weighs 1.9 oz. and measures 2.8” x 1.6” x 0.9”

4 Actual battery life may vary due to product settings, cellular coverage, talk time, and user activity.
5 Cellular service availability is not available everywhere and at all times. Current GPS location may not always be available in every situation.
Note: FallAlert cannot detect 100% of all falls. When you can you should press the call button on the base unit or mobile device to get help.