LifeCall In-Home Cellular System

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For clients without a landline, LifeCall is pleased to offer a cellular medical alert systems option that has all the great features of our other personal emergency response systems. This system provides the same superior 24/7 service with the added capabilities of using 4G technology so you can be protected during an emergency without having a traditional phone line. A Standard cellular system is available as well as an Advanced model with FallAlertTM monitoring. Available only in the U.S. Powered by AT&T. 


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This device connects using electricity only and does not require a traditional telephone system. Although the system utilizes AT&T’s powerful wireless network, the communication pathway is more reliable than a cell phone because the unit is stationary and does not require full cellular coverage to operate. As long as the client is within 600 feet2 of the base monitoring unit, when the button is pressed using the pendant or wristband-style transmitter, the emergency call is placed, two-way voice communication is established, the client is connected with LifeCall’s emergency Response Center, and our skilled Emergency Care Specialists promptly evaluate the situation and notify the designated responders.