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In-Home Systems

In Home LifeCall System

LifeCall Medical Alert Systems are designed for quick and easy set-up and can be fully operational in a matter of minutes. Once the system is ON, whenever an alarm is initiated a voice connection is established automatically with the LifeCall Response Center which is manned 24 hours a day. The built-in two-way voice function enables you to easily and confidently communicate your needs and provides the staff in the Response Center reliable, high quality communication back to you.

The base monitoring unit and Medical Alert transmitter button are fully monitored for the occurrence of any trouble condition. In the event of low batteries or power failure, LifeCall is informed automatically. A built-in back-up battery allows the base unit to continue to operate without power for up to five days. For your convenience, the In-Home LifeCall System is VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) and Cable phone compatible, as well as compatible with traditional telephone systems

LifeCall with FallAlert™ System

For persons who have a history, a fear, or are at risk of falling, LifeCall Medical Alert Systems with FallAlertTM can be an ideal solution – especially if one’s medical history includes a stroke, heart attack, dizziness/lightheadedness or issues with coordination. Featuring the latest and most innovative technology available in the industry, the  FallAlertTM  detection sensors can detect a fall as it occurs and automatically signal the base monitoring unit for assistance.

LifeCall’s  FallAlertTM system features a Medical Alert pendant that includes sensors which detect between normal activity and an actual fall. By continuously measuring motion, movement and speed in all directions, the fall detector compares what it senses to what it considers an actual fall. If the FallAlertTM system detects a fall, and if there is no movement or tilt from horizontal to vertical positioning detected after 10 seconds, an unconsciousness alarm will be transmitted to the base monitoring unit, signaling for emergency assistance. The LifeCall emergency Response Center will establish two-way communication promptly and, if there is still no response, they will proceed to follow the pre-designated emergency protocol.

In-Home Cellular System

For clients without a landline, LifeCall is pleased to offer a cellular medical alert systems option that has all the great features of our other personal emergency response systems.

This device connects using electricity only and does not require a traditional telephone system. Although the system utilizes AT&T’s powerful wireless network, the communication pathway is more reliable than a cell phone because the unit is stationary and does not require full cellular coverage to operate. As long as the client is within 600 feet2 of the base monitoring unit, when the button is pressed using the pendant or wristband-style transmitter, the emergency call is placed, two-way voice communication is established, the client is connected with LifeCall’s emergency Response Center, and our skilled Emergency Care Specialists promptly evaluate the situation and notify the designated responders.