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Our Medical Alert Systems

You’re only moments away from having everything you need to enjoy the freedom of safe and independent living – order today!

STANDARD – LifeCall® Basic System

LifeCall Basic is our standard medical alert system – affordable, reliable and easy to use. This system features a waterproof transmitter which can be worn around your neck as a pendant or on your wrist. The call button is easily pressed in an emergency and can communicate with the pre-programmed, hospital grade Medical Alert Base Station up to 1,000 feet* away, giving you 24/7 access to our emergency Response Center.

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ADVANCED – LifeCall® FallAlertTM System

LifeCall with FallAlert™ is designed to detect falls through its ability to distinguish between everyday actions (such as sitting or lying down) and the sudden drop that accompanies a fall. For persons with a medical history or risk of falling, LifeCall Medical Alert Systems with FallAlert may be the optimum choice. This system features a waterproof transmitter that can be worn around the neck as a pendant even in the shower where most falls occur.

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CELLULAR – LifeCall® Cellular System

LifeCall is pleased to offer a medical alert system solution for persons without a standard hard-wired phone line in their home. LifeCall Cellular customers enjoy the same industry-leading service as those who use our traditional systems, as well as 24/7 access to our emergency Response Center – with cutting edge technology and a dedicated team of highly trained Emergency Care Specialists – all at the push of a button. For your convenience, LifeCall Cellular is available in both Basic and FallAlert™ models.

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WATCH – LifeCall® MobileAlert™ Watch System

The MobileAlert Watch™ is stylish and removes the stigma many seniors feel when wearing a medical alert while providing maximum protection in an emergency no matter where you are, whether inside, outside, or away from your home. MobileAlert Watch™ is our premier medical alert system with all the exceptional features our clients have come to expect from our complete line of personal emergency response systems.

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ADVANCED MOBILE – LifeCall® Mobile FallAlert™ System

The Mobile FallAlert™  system discreetly offers fall-detection capabilities and allows you to stay connected to private caregivers and public emergency services through multiple location-tracking technologies and two-way, hands-free cellular voice communication via AT&T’s 4G cellular network.

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ADVANCED MOBILE +PLUS – LifeCall® MobileAlert Pro™ System

LifeCall now provides a combination system that offers the best of all worlds. An enhanced SmartCare system, the MobileAlert Pro goes beyond typical Medical Alert products by integrating home monitoring with GPS-locating mobile monitoring. When coupled with our FallAlert™ option (please inquire), the MobileAlert Pro provides comprehensive protection at home, out-of-doors, and on-the go.

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Why families choose LifeCall

When you want safety and security for your loved ones, your home and your possessions, you owe it to yourself and your family to explore our Medical Alert Systems with 24/7 protection solutions.

How the LifeCall system works

LifeCall Medical Alert Systems provides exceptional service, unmatched dependability, and a commitment to enriching the lives of our clients is why LifeCall is trusted by thousands of families across North America.

24/7 Monitoring

With LifeCall Medical Alert Systems your home and loved ones are protected by advanced medical monitoring technology which provide reliable security and continuous protection every hour of every day. Our Response Centers support you around-the-clock with state-of-the-art technology backed by powerful equipment, high-tech infrastructure and secure communication links.  

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Alarm Activated

No matter the time, day or night, if you sense trouble simply press the alert button on your wristband or pendant. A signal will be sent to the Response Center and a professional emergency response operator will quickly establish two-way communication.

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Emergency Response

As soon as an alarm signal is received, one of the CSAA-certified Emergency Care Specialists on our safety and security monitoring team will inquire as to whether you are okay or need assistance and, if there is an emergency, the appropriate party(s) will be notified and/or a responder (medical, fire or police) will be dispatched.  You never feel alone with LifeCall Medical Alert Systems.

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The LifeCall Response Center complements our staff by keeping track of things. They provide twenty-four hour-a-day reliability. They have a wonderful product and service that I highly recommend.

Patty Cantanzaro

During the years that I have worn the LifeCall button, I have had only two occasions to use it. The second call saved my life. On March 18 I fell and struck my head. I bled profusely. LifeCall called the paramedics who were by my side within minutes. They took me to the Trauma Center in Delray Beach where I lost consciousness. I wear that little life-saving button all the time. Any elderly woman who lives alone should certainly have one.

Virginia A. Snyder

I can’t begin to tell you how pleased I was with the wonderful service I received from Marlene on September 4. She went out of her way to keep me informed and help me stay under control. All I could see was the amount of blood I was losing from my leg. She called the EMT and the people on my call list. Thanks to her, I was alright and back home that night.

Lee Simmons

I want to thank you for your excellent service. I recently experienced a spike in my blood pressure and before I passed out I pressed my LifeCall button. Had it not been for LifeCall I would not have gotten to the hospital. I will recommend LifeCall to all my friends.

D. Botcher

We have a great working relationship with Life Call. They provide our customers with fast reliable service … and they really care.

Carl English

Recently our mother, Rebecca, was having a breathing issue and she used LifeCall to get help. The young lady on the phone was so calm and courteous and remained talking to our mother until the ambulance arrived. Her professionalism kept our mother calm during a very difficult time. We can’t thank her enough for helping. Thank you all so much for your valued service. Without it, we don’t know what the outcome could have been.

Sheryl, Phyllis and Stephen R.

I can’t say enough how helpful the LifeCall team was in getting my grandpa set up with their system. After reviewing all the options, I thought LifeCall had the best solution on the market. I can say unequivocally I made the right choice. Honest & helpful customer service, easy-to-use product and competitive price – I’ve had a fantastic experience and give LifeCall my highest recommendation!

James Hoak

What will LifeCall cost you?

There are numerous options for medical alert devices in the marketplace, with different fee structures depending on the service provider and the sophistication of the system. The value of a medical alert system from LifeCall includes:

Fewer out-of-pocket expenses related to assisted living, in-home health, institutional or facility care
Increased sense of security, self-sufficiency and confidence with living alone
Fewer medical costs and complications resulting from long lie times after a fall
Greater confidence in functioning independently and safely at home increases the likelihood of remaining there

LifeCall has several options depending on the plan you choose. No matter which system is best for you, you can rest assured that you will never have to purchase equipment, pay activation or installation fees, sign a long-term contract – and the price is guaranteed to never go up once you subscribe!


When should a senior consider a medical alert system?

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