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Dedicated Personal Emergency Response Center

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Professionals are ready to respond to any emergency 24 hours a Day – 365 Days a Year. Help at the push of a button ….

Press the medical alert button and a distress signal is sent, over your existing phone line, to the UL listed medical monitoring center. This signal opens up the line of communication between the monitoring center and your home.

Personal Response System
When the high speed (2-way) connection is complete you’ll hear the reassuring voice of a professional monitoring team member. We immediately check on your status and, in the event of an emergency, dispatch your local EMS.  Again, if needed, we’ll contact key holders/loved ones.

The Central Monitoring Station is listed with, and regulated by, Underwriters’ Laboratories for Protective Signaling (UL 1981).

Certified Emergency Medical Technicians
We are THE ONLY Emergency Response Center with CERTIFIED Emergency Medical Technicians. Why does this matter? Read HERE about The EMT Difference.

2-Way Voice Interactive Emergency Monitoring
When there’s an emergency, we call, listen, communicate and get assistance.

We arm the EMS with the knowledge of any existing medical condition or issues. This information helps prepare the EMS to assist our clients effectively and efficiently when needed most. This required contact and medical information is kept strictly private and collected prior to.

The Medical Alert connection is so sophisticated that we can communicate with you through-out your home. There’s never a need to struggle for a phone.

Help At The Push Of A Button

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Our Personal Emergency Response Systems come with everything you need to keep loved ones safe with instant access to EMT trained emergency personnel around the clock at the push of a button.

Falls and strokes are common among seniors – a personal emergency response system can save a life. Alert emergency personnel and family with the touch of a button, and stay independent in your home with the peace of mind and security our systems provide.

Your custom designed Medical Alert System Kit is delivered to your home with everything needed for the simple 5 minute self install.

Medical Alert Features

  • Bosch technology, known for its outstanding engineering and quality, with more than one million installations worldwide.
  • Two-way voice standard – talk directly to a certified EMT operator at the LifeCall Response Center
  • Suitable for temporary or permanent installations.
  • Excellent two-way speech quality in an attractive compact case.
  • Wrist/neck transmitters have a 1000-ft. “Open Air” range, the longest of any current system.
  • Its five-day battery back-up has the longest life of any current system.
  • The LifeCall US-based Response Center is the only center where all operators are certified Emergency Medical Technicians.




You’re Never Alone With LifeCall

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Thanks to advances in wireless technology and state-of-the-art interactive (2-way) home medical alert system emergency monitoring,  thousands of older Americans have put their trust in LifeCall and now enjoy a renewed independence that just wasn’t possible for previous generations. And no matter where they live or how often they can visit, loved ones find certainty knowing that help, if ever needed, is just the push of a button away.

You’re Never Alone
The cornerstone of LifeCall’s Personal Emergency System is our UL APPROVED two-way interactive emergency monitoring coupled with equipment that is designed for reliability, function and ease of use. In the event of a medical emergency, our operator makes a direct connection to our client. It’s reassuring for us to know that our clients are safe, but even more important – for you to know that you’re never alone.

Order Now

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Our Medical Alert System Pricing is Simple:

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  • Nothing To Buy – We provide the medical alert equipment for FREE
  • NO Long Term Contracts – Cancel at any time
  • NO Activation or Set Up Fees – No hidden fees of any kind
  • As low as $27.45 a month – Guaranteed to never go up
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You can also purchase additional items if needed:



Medical Alert Emergency Access Lockbox

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Home Medical Alert System Speaker Extension


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  • List item with a much longer description or more content.
  • Extended Range – 1,000 foot range for buttons to signal the base unit
  • 3 Year Battery Life on Buttons – never need to be recharged, we replace them when low
  • Microphone and speaker more sensitive and responsive than other systems
  • Easy to use controls
  • Hospital-grade materials and construction
  • Waterproof buttons – OK to wear in the shower or bath, even for a swim
  • With well over 100,000,000 units in place, the BOSCH CarePhone 10 is a proven medical alert system that’s easy to use, reliable, and very powerful
[/list] $10/Month


The Home Medical Alert Call Button

9_device_watchThe waterproof emergency Medical Alert Call Button may be worn on your wrist, as a clip-on, or around your neck as a traditional pendant. It’s your choice how to wear your Medical Alert Call Button. The large call button itself is easily pressed during an emergency, ensuring that you get help quickly.
The Medical Alert Call Button can communicate with the Medical Alert Base Station up to 1,000 feet away – that’s the length of three football fields!
Some of the key features of our Home medical alert button include:

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  • It’s waterproof (up to three meters deep!)
  • 1,000 foot extended range to the base station – that’s three football fields long
  • It comes three styles of your choice – pendant, wrist, clip-on
  • 3 year battery life – It never needs charging
  • Comfortable to wear and attractive
  • Button is easily pushed with arthritic hands
  • Break-away clasp to prevent choking, so you can wear the unit even when you are sleeping.
  • BOSCH Quality Workmanship – buttons have even survived the washer! (Not recommended)

The Home Medical Alert Base Station


The Home Medical Alert Base Station is so sophisticated that we can communicate with you throughout your home. There’s never a need to struggle for a phone. The Home Medical Alarm Base Station has a powerful speaker allowing you to hear us from most, if not all, parts of your home. The incredibly sensitive microphone allows us to hear you without yelling or shouting. If you are unable to speak or we can’t hear you for any reason, the Medical Care Alert Emergency Monitoring Center immediately dispatches emergency personnel and contacts the emergency contacts on your list.
In the event of a power failure the Home Medical Alert Base Station has a built-in battery allowing it to continue to operate up to 72 hours. The battery automatically charges when the medical alarm is powered. Our monitoring center is notified if your power is lost.
All equipment is hospital-grade quality, manufactured by BOSCH – a global leader in healthcare and communications technology.

Features of the BOSCH CarePhone 10 Medical Alert System include:


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  • Options to use as a table-top or wall-mounted system
  • Easy “plug-n-play” installation. Just plug into the phone jack, plug in in the power, and it’s ready to turn on.
  • Five day battery backup
  • Large, Red “Emergency” button on the console
  • Compact size – just 8.07 inches by 9.25 inches and 1.6 inches deep.
  • “Auto-test” confirms the console is working properly
  • “Clear” Button stops emergency reports sent accidentally
  • Range of up to 1,000 feet from transmitter (medical alert button) to the base. That’s three football fields!
  • Hospital grade quality by German medical device manufacturer BOSCH.

Payment Options

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express.

We also accept debit cards and direct withdrawals from your checking account.