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The Quest for Immortality

By December 10, 2012Anti-Aging

How to live longer?
It really IS 10% genes, the rest LIFESTYLE!

Recently CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent Dr Sanjay Gupta and world-renowned anti-aging experts discussed practical steps for living longer, and cutting-edge research that could dramatically extend human life.

Here’s their entire webcast:

Some of the highlights

  • Regenerative medicine could dramatically increase the life span of humans
  • Cutting out red meat and taking steps to reduce stress can help extend your life

One guru interviewed was author Dan Buettner who has carried out extensive studies to identify longevity hotspots around the world, documented in his book  The Blue Zones.

He identified 4 places where people live longest – Costa Rica, Sardinia in Italy, and Ikaria in Greece. What do these residents all have in common?  Answer: Diets low in meat, and lifestyles that meant more exercise.

Many Americans exercise too hard, says Buettner …
“The life expectancy of our species, for 99.9% of human history, was about 30 years. The fact that medicine has pushed life expectancy to age 78 doesn’t mean our bodies were designed for three-quarters of a century of pounding.

The world’s longest-lived people tend to do regular, low intensity physical activity, like walking with friends, gardening and playing with their children. The key is to do something light every day.”

The second anti-aging expert was Geneticist and Futurist Aubrey de Grey, the Chief Scientific Officer of SENS Foundation, which researches and promotes regenerative medicine.  He said that techniques such as stem cell therapy, gene therapy and tissue engineering could one day be used in combination to let humans live for hundreds of years.

“We can take people who are already middle aged, or perhaps older, and turn them back to having a lower biological age.”

Small Lifestyle Changes
Mr. Buettner notes that stress can have a huge negative impact on long-term health. Praying, meditating or even simply taking a nap can all act as effective stress busters, thereby protecting the body.

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