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The Older But Wiser Brain

By June 15, 2012Aging Brain, Blog

It’s not all bad news! Yes, it’s true our reaction time is slower and it takes us longer to retrieve information … BUT we are more shrewd 🙂  In other words, our complex reasoning skills improve. We’re able to anticipate problems and reason things out better than when we were young.

And, there’s another area of improvement as we age: empathy — the ability to understand the emotional point of view of another. Empathy increases as we age.

One of the great discoveries from recent neuroscience research is that the human brain is always changing, from moment to moment and throughout life. It continues to develop, and even continues to grow new brain cells.

Physical Fitness Helps
Art Kramer, a neuroscientist from the University of Illinois has found that memory can improve with treadmill workouts. He writes that after treadmill training, MRI scans of his elderly test subjects revealed larger hippocampi and other brain regions .

Also Important!

  1. Eat right – Many foods, including nuts, fish and red wine, have been linked to a healthy brain. But concentrating on an all-around healthy diet may be the best nutritional strategy for keeping the brain sharp. And don’t skip breakfast!
  2. Good posture – Maintaining an upright, un-slouched posture improves circulation and blood-flow to the brain.
  3. Sleep well – A good night’s sleep is vitally important to a healthy mind, especially memory. Get enough sleep and take naps.
  4. Paint, draw, or doodle – Whether it’s a masterpiece or a mere doodle, simply making a picture is an excellent workout for the brain.
  5. Listen to music – Music affects the brain profoundly, and has been linked to improved cognition and memory functioning.
  6. Learn something new – Many colleges and senior centers offer engaging, low-cost lectures and classes for older adults. Ongoing education is a surefire way to keep sharp.
  7. Do puzzles – When you challenge and stimulate yourself intellectually, you exercise your brain and increase your mental capacity. Crosswords are a popular choice.
  8. Write – Writing improves working memory and your ability to communicate.

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