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February 2014

Lifecall’s Personal Medical Alarms

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MEDICALALARM204Senior safety is an important yet often overlooked issue. For many, the idea of leaving their aging parent, family member or friend alone in their home is a frightful thought. The risk of falls, injuries and medical complications increases as we grow older. Lifecall’s personal medical alarms were devised to provide an unobtrusive yet effective solution to this issue, while allowing older adults to retain a sense of independence.

One of the most difficult psychological obstacles to overcome as we age is the loss of independence. With increased age comes an increased need for support and supervision. For many people, it is unsafe for them to remain alone in their home for extended periods of time. Unfortunately, caregivers can typically allot only a certain amount of time to their patients, and 24-hour supervision is far from affordable for most.

Lifecall’s personal medical alarms offer a perfect solution: discreet and affordable 24-hour supervision that allows seniors to retain complete control over their lives. At Lifecall we install our products across the entire United States. We also ship our devices with instructions for easy self-installation at a discounted price. In either case, we offer personalized, round-the-clock service, guaranteed to keep you connected to emergency services whenever needed.

Installation and maintenance of our units is simple. Simply connect the device to a phone line and plug it into a standard outlet. Built with an internal rechargeable battery, the unit will remain active for many hours in the case of a power outage. Additionally, if there is any malfunction, the lights on the device will begin blinking. Simply contact us directly via phone or email if you have any additional questions or concerns regarding our personal medical alarms.

Lifecall’s Medical Alarms

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MEDICALALARM203Lifecall’s medical alarms are key safety devices that are used in hospitals and retirement homes across the United States. Either by pulling a cord or pressing a button, patients are able to alert their nurses or caregivers in the case of an emergency. Fortunately, this technology is not limited to such facilities, as medical alarms are gaining popularity for use in private homes.

Lifecall’s medical alarms used in homes follow a similar set up as those used in hospitals and retirement homes. A unit is placed in the home and is connected directly into the phone line. In the case of an emergency, the patient is immediately connected to an emergency dispatcher.

At Lifecall we have been providing high quality medical alarms to older adults and disabled individuals for a quarter of a century. We currently offer our Two Way Voice Unit. This ingenious product comes with a portable transmitter, allowing the activation of the unit from a distance–even if you are in a different room of your house or apartment.

When activated, emergency dispatchers contact the patient directly via the Two Way Voice Unit, where they can assess and determine the course of action to take. If the patient is unable to communicate, help will immediately be sent to the home. In the case of the Cord Mate, once the cord is pulled (or transmitter is activated) a signal is sent to the proper individuals so that help can be dispatched immediately.

Lifecall’s Medical Alert For Seniors – Proven Value

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MEDICALALERT202Medical alert for seniors has proven to be a solid and valuable resource in the market for those who want to maintain an independent lifestyle. While getting older has its own individual set of challenges it can be disheartening to see our loved ones succumb to vulnerabilities. More often times these vulnerabilities are situations that can be turned around and utilized to empower the individual of interest. Consider that help could be the way to your loved one if they are using a Lifecall Medical Alert for Seniors device.

Everyone has a different set of needs in order to live a lifestyle that is most gratifying to their greatest desires. When one reaches an age where they feel compromised by certain physical ailments it is vital to align them would resources that can keep them on track. Many loved ones and close friends have found great relief and utilizing the support of the professionals that provide assistance services.

Supporting independent living with a Lifecall Medical Alert for Seniors device

When it comes down to being able to live a carefree lifestyle one must rise to the occasion and identify products and services that support the process. Having a device that allows you to access help should one find themselves faced with unfavorable circumstances is immeasurable. A Lifecall Medical Alert for Seniors device has allowed a great number of individuals to maintain their independence and take control of their health care needs.

Should one find themselves in need of support utilizing a system that permits immediate access to public servants that can cater to the need? Some consumers report having a better living situation by merely knowing they have employed the right instruments. Having a positive mindset is one of the key elements to maintaining a healthy emotional and physical state.

It is always empowering to be able to meet your loved ones where they are with services that allow them to manage to the best of their ability. What was once a worrisome chapter for a great number of individuals has become resolved with the Lifecall Medical Alert for Seniors system. Everyone understands how important it is to develop a systematic approach for any urgent matter that may arise.

Lifecall’s Medical Alert for Seniors Enpowers

Lifecall’s Medical Alert for Seniors is a great way to empower the most important people in our lives. While getting older effects everyone differently one of the most common needs is being able to be self-sufficient. Creating an empowering scenario starts by taking the time to explore the most reliable resources for managing healthy living.

Medical Alert Systems

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MEDICALALERT201Disabled individuals are at a greater risk for harm than most. To that end, many of them often need constant supervision to ensure their safety. Nevertheless, this can be frustrating for both the patient and the caregiver. The first is required to give up a great deal of their independence, while the latter is required to spend much of their personal time caring for another.

The simple installation of our Medical Alert Systems can instantly provide a great deal of freedom to an older adult in and around their home. These small units connect directly to a phone line, and allow for communication with emergency services whenever necessary. Caregivers can now leave their patients without having to worry what could happen to them when alone.

At Lifecall, we believe that medical alarm systems should be easy to use and require very little maintenance. Our Two Way Voice Unit, for example, requires only the press of one button to communicate with our 24-hour emergency response center. Equipped with the portable transmitter, owners of these units can feel safe no matter where they are located within their home.

Our units are “smart machines.” If they are ever unplugged from the outlet, the emergency response center is notified. If there is a power outage, the internal battery will ensure it remains functional for many hours. If it has a malfunction, the lights on the device will begin blinking. As a family owned business, we understand the importance of keeping loved ones safe. That is why both our products and our service have been designed for maximum efficiency and ease of use.